"Well I think I’m naturally optimistic, but also I think the facts are on the side of the optimists." -Bill Gates

See: Gratitude is Rational

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Think Again: How to Reason and Argue


  • How to spot an argument.
  • How to untangle an argument.
  • How to make your own argument.
  • How to use reason and logic.

Think these skills would be useful in life? Sign up for “Think Again: How to Reason and Argue”, a free online class from Duke University, and take it with me! I’m forming a discussion group from my readers and a friend of mine. There’s already two of us, if you join, make it a third! It’s free!

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How To Get More of What You Want in Life

This is simple. But if you follow these steps, you’ll have more of what you want in life. Follow these steps to becoming a master of any field — especially life.

Improve your practices:

  1. "Is this What Works?" Have a keen eye on determining What Works and What Doesn’t Work. It’s a simple question! This should have your constant, vigilant attention. Always, always be asking this question.

    It’s all about finding the right combination that works —sometimes scurrying to find it. 

    In relationships where you have friction, you would be surprised how often you not only do What Doesn’t Work, but do it over and over again.

  2. Implementation, which requires routine, fast, sudden personal adjustment and change in technique. 

    If you don’t know how to implement What Works, find an expert or vetted information source and start learning. This is an, “I don’t know how, but I can learn to do almost anything,” moment. Money invested in consulting an expert or finding an information source is well spent.

    Look for a systematic way of learning (a system), so you are not wasting effort with random learning here or there, and then trying to piece it all together yourself. Random Learning tends to waste a lot of time and effort.

    Finish what you start. If what you want requires long-term effort, quitting means you give up both the final reward and the effort invested so far!

  3. You’ve already found and implemented What Works, now maintain your actions. This is the easy part, as success is coming easy. The idea is that over time, you naturally become a master yourself. How do you think it feels to be an expert at something? Well, it actually feels like it requires less effort. It’s natural. You grokked it. You’re able to duplicate results at will.

To sum up, life is all about finding (sometimes scurrying) to find the right combination that works. Then it’s about completing learning, and completing implementation. You can apply “Is This What Works?” to anything.

Decide that you are responsible for creating the best outcome for yourself, from this point onward. Forget the past and assume responsibility from now onward —for your relationships, career, health, and finances— by asking, “Is this What Works?”

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Grokking a Concept

To grok something (sounds like “grock”) is to fully understand something so deeply that it becomes a natural part of you. A grokked concept is a deep-rooted, automatic part of your thinking, doing, and being.

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I'm Human (Top Posts of 2013)
  1. Being human means that I will be human (amazingly enough).
  2. Which means that I am vulnerable to what effects humans (fears, not knowing everything needed, incorrect information).
  3. Which means I will, at times, not meet some objectives or do what is necessary for succeeding (fail) or keep some promises.

Judging myself or others to be “bad”, “wrong”, or “not good enough” reduces my ability to function in the world. I don’t make gravity wrong. Being human is just what is so. It is more than “okay” to be human, I can be happy about it! I am free to be human!

Applied to Our Parents: Our parents are imperfect and had limited knowledge and are not to blame. We simply must take whatever we got and move on to create something better.

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