Thoughts You Can Steal

  • I feel warm and loving toward myself, for I am a unique and precious being (a miracle, just as everyone else), ever doing the best my current aware­ness permits.
  • I am a genuine “success” to the degree that I feel warm and loving toward myself.
  • I am responsible for my own life and well-being. (If I am not happy and at peace with myself, it is up to me, and me alone, to discover the causes and take appropriate action.)
  • I have the innate authority to take full charge of my own life—to think, say and do anything I choose.
  • There is a price exacted for everything I do. It is up to me to determine the price and intelligently decide whether or not I am able and willing to pay it.
  • I am responsible for everything I do, refuse or neglect to do, for I inevitably benefit or suffer according to the consequences. (You always get the result.)
  • I can do anything I want, but what I want is determined by my awareness. Both my needs and their intensity are determined by my awareness.
  • My level of awareness literally dictates my every action and decision, for I can do only what my current awareness motivates me to do. My exercise of “free will” is limited by my current aware­ness, for I can do only what my awareness permits me to do.
  • "Will power" is nothing more nor less than intense motiva­tion. (I can attempt no new endeavor without sufficient motivation to give up what I am currently doing or planning to do.)
  • I invariably do the best I can possibly do at the time.
  • It is foolish to resent others’ actions, for they can do only what their current awareness dictates.
  • I can act only as harmoniously and effectively as my current level awareness permits. (If I am to act better, I must first undergo a change in my awareness.)
  • I am the most important, interesting and challenging person in my life. My world revolves around me.
  • The expansion of my awareness is important. One fundamental responsibility in life is to increase my awareness.
  • No one in the entire world is worth one iota more or less than I am.
  • I have no need to “prove” myself since my very existence proves my innate worth and importance.
  • I am no less worthy or important than one with a much higher degree of awareness than I. They simply have more awareness than I.
  • My mistakes contribute to my learning and growth. (They cannot make me feel embarrassed, ashamed, guilty or less-than.)
  • No one can possibly put himself in another’s place as a valid point of reference, for no one else in the entire world has the same degree of awareness.
  • Comparing myself with another’s personality, conduct or accomplishments as a gauge of my worth is absolutely mean­ingless.

-Adapted from “Building Self-Esteem” by Barksdale.

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"I’d like you to consider that the quality of your life depends 1% on what happens and 99% on your response to what happens. So, things happen in life (the facts), and we have a meaning, or a response, or meaning that we add to those facts, and they become collapsed, like they’re all the same."

-Dr. Nancy Zapolski, basically describing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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A Breakthrough

"Every day we are presented with opportunities to create something beyond who we’ve been, beyond what we know. A breakthrough is not taking what’s there and making it into something new or taking what is and changing it. A breakthrough is to take what isn’t, and have it be.” -Landmark Insights

IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? To create beyond what you’ve been and known? If it’s not possible, is it something we should try anyway?

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Barksdale Conclusion on Responsibility & Self Esteem

We are responsible for our individual lives. We have been imbued with a deep urge to express goodness and love, and have been granted “free will” and the immutable law of cause and effect to lead us into ever greater awareness—so that we can free ourselves of ignorance and self-imposed bondage—so that we can each become a whole person, a serene, self-loving individual who truly “loves his neighbor as himself”.

What we do with our lives is up to each of us, whether we live in “fear and trembling,” in self-loathing and misery, or whether we embark on an ever more exciting and rewarding adventure, free of false and distorted concepts, conflict, futility and frustration, of the inhibiting and debilitating emotional turmoil of a crippling self-esteem.

In sum, we will achieve sound self-esteem to the degree that we realize the following: that we each have the sole responsibility, the authority, freedom and ability to direct our own lives and affairs as we see fit; that people are innately … worthy and important, … that no matter how badly we may err, how much we may stumble or slip backward in our tortuous upward climb, regardless how slow and uneven the rate, we are each ever growing in wisdom and love…

The acid test for truly high self-esteem is this: Do you, when you occasionally happen to focus your awareness on yourself, spontane­ously experience a subtle surge of warmth and love, as you do perhaps when you pause to think lovingly of your sweetheart, spouse or child? If you do, however fleeting this sense of warmth and love toward yourself may be, you are one of those rare individuals who has a genuine appreciation and regard for your own intrinsic worth.


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Realize that you are your own authority and inescapably responsible for your own life and well-being, because you inevitably receive the results of everything you think, say, do, and feel.

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